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Our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy


Safety is, and will remain, SOXAL's highest priority.

The Company will:

1. Provide and maintain a safe and conducive working environment to prevent injury and ill health and in compliance with all applicable legal and other HSE requirements.

2. Provide the necessary resources, adequate training and supervision to enable employees to achieve high level of occupational Health and Safety as well as Environmental performance.

3. Make available all necessary safety devices and Personal Protective Equipment to ensure safe working conditions and to provide adequate supervision on the use of the devices and equipment.

4. Prevent environmental pollution by managing the use of hazardous substances and respond promptly to any emergency incidents.

5. Continually improve the effectiveness of our HSE management system.

Employees and Contractors will:

1. Report incidents that have led or may lead to injuries or damages and assist in the investigation of accidents with the objective of introducing measures to prevent recurrence.

2. Work safely and efficiently.

3. Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

4. Comply with in-house rules and procedures to meet statutory and other HSE obligations.

5. Participate in HSE activities that improve the safety conditions of the workplace.

6. Take appropriate actions to prevent any risky situation or environmental impact which comes to their attention, including informing their colleagues, supervisors or managers of the situation.